PM Tuning X-Tech Scomadi Cup Challenge Exhaust System - Scomadi TL200

PM Tuning X-Tech Scomadi Cup Challenge Exhaust System - Scomadi TL200


PM Tuning PM91 Scomadi Cup Challenge Exhaust System X-Tech Stainless Steel - Scomadi TL200 power pipe newly developed with optimum ground clearance in mind with a massive 41 degree lean angle from upright before making contact with the ground (your centre stand will have already have touched down at around 30 degrees)  The scomadi cup exhaust is an alternative system to the already popular PM90 exhaust that can also be used on road. Now available to all TL200 owners due to popular demand.

Power characteristics are based on the tried and tested formula of the PM90 for the fabulous 200 twin cam 4 valve Scomadi machines with a re-styled silencer chamber.

In house developed by Scomadi Co-partner Paul Melici and the team at PM Tuning.

“Paul Melici Having designed the original exhaust system for the TL200 it was going to be a hard act to follow”

Using PM’s special know how the mission was to extract around 4 BHP when used with TFI and PM variator kit (stage3) and it delivers Manufactured by PM Tuning Racing Products by hand in 304 stainless steel This exhaust gives a 4 BHP increase over the standard exhaust but must be used with PMDTFI003 and Variator kit to make best use of its design.

Dyno developed using PMs technical know how and years of experience, road tested for superior throttle response and linear power increase throughout the entire speed range & Incorporates all the best features from our tried and tested PM90.

With PMs unique tuned down pipe configuration to optimize maximum power output revised lambda sensor position for improved sensor life due to reduced heat input. internal exhaust gas chamber for improved baffle life and improved fuel consumption. Hassle free fitting, compatible with our PMDTFI003 fuel injection module, no variator roller adjustments necessary just remove old system fit and go. ( please follow instructions for PMTFI settings ) Fitting time under 40 mins. Includes all necessary fitting hardware. Hand crafted from high-grade polished 304 stainless steel, precision butt TIG. Welded exhaust system, lightweight construction 2T aesthetical looks great performance and sound, (deep tone big bike sound not offensive) improved handling due to reduced un-sprung weight. CNC anodised gold alloy hanging bracket with single point quick release rubber void bush mounting and spring retained slip joint.


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